Roosevelt’s Project Based Learning (PBL) program was adopted with the intent to provide parents and students with an expanded choice in the type of educational opportunities available to families in the Redwood City School District. This program is founded on the belief that active parental involvement is a key component to student success. Because our school’s mission is to provide a unique learning opportunity to its students, the school needs committed parents who are willing to assist the staff and faculty in making this happen.

To this end, Roosevelt Elementary requires that all parents agree to donate at least 40 hours a year to our school. Since Project Based Learning’s adoption in 2008, parents’ active participation has been an essential part of this program’s success and is one of the main ingredients that make our program different.


Completing the following items throughout the year fulfills the 40-hour parent commitment:

  1. Support your student in work completion, weekly work review, and signing of the assignment sheet with your student.
  2. Attend Back to School Night, Parent/Teacher Conferences and Open House
  3. Attend parent meetings or other parent/student workshops.
  4. Assist with Art or Music instruction.
  5. Volunteer in the classroom – correct homework, help with centers, read to students, etc.
  6. Volunteer at home with special projects assigned by your child’s teacher.
  7. Sign up to chaperone for field trips.
  8. Attend the PBL presentations in your child’s classroom.

Throughout the year, different grade levels will be called upon to help with a school event (Book Fair, WinterFest, Family Fun Nights, etc). Please be aware that the success of these events depends on our parent community.

Our families are always encouraged to add their ideas and talents to our school’s program.

It is Roosevelt’s philosophy that families should form a partnership in their child’s education and it is our hope that you will frequent our campus to become familiar with our wonderful program.