There are so many great websites and resources out there that kids can access throughout the school year.  Here are just a few that we’ve found and like.  If you have any others that you think should be added to the list, contact us.

Jiji Math

Your child can log into his/her Jiji Math account  and complete any assigned homework added by your child’s teacher.

Your student will also have to enter the name of their school. ST Math will accept many variations of our school’s name. For example, Jiji Math will accept lots of different entries including “Roosevelt School”, “Roosevelt Elementary”.  Have your student click on the homework button and enter their 13-character picture password.

Kindergarten students who are still using 8 character passwords will not be able to access ST Math@Home until they learn their full password.

Attention parents of students in grades 2 -8: you can now view you child’s Accelerated Reader progress online! Renaissance Home Connect is a tool that allows parents to log in to a Web site and view a snapshot of their child’s Accelerated Reader progress. That progress includes average percent correct on quizzes, number of points earned, and results on the last quiz. In addition, parents can view all the Accelerated Reader quizzes their child has taken, and can access an online search tool, AR Book Finder, to search for books using various criteria, including author, subject, or reading level. To receive an email when your child has completed an Accelerated Reader Quiz, click the Email Setup link and enter your child’s name and up to six email addresses to receive updates.

To log on, go to That will open up a page requesting your child’s User Name and Password. Letters went home to parents with this information, but if you don’t have it, have your child enter the information. Once you are in the system, you will be able to see the books your child has read and what their progress is towards their point goal. Please note: This site currently doesn’t work on all browsers, but it does work on Safari.

Gigi help: English  | Spanish

Dance Mat Typing

A great website that will teach your child how to type.


What if playing games could help end world hunger?  Well, the FreeRice website has games for kids to play in all subjects, AND for each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Progamme.  The whole family can play!

Mystery Net Kids

Does your child like to read or solve mysteries? Here’s a website where children can read a story and then try to solve the mystery!

National Geographic Kids

Do you have a child that loves to learn about animals or geography or science?  Then check out the National Geographic Kids page!

National Geographic: GeoSpy

How about testing those Geography skills?  NatGeo also has a website for kids called GeoSpy that has fun games about geography.


This site has a bit of everything – reading, math and games.

Timez Attack

Is your child a big video gamer?  has a math game that you can download for free that kids just love.  They pass through chambers and past trolls by answering multiplication and division problems. Click on the “Downloads” tab to get the free download.


Is your child interested in all things science?  The NASA Kids website has games and information for kids.


The Smithsonian has a website for kids that will let them explore everything from “Art to Zoo”.  There’s lots for kids to explore on this website!


A website that helps new readers develop their skills.

PBS Kids

Children already familiar with shows on PBS will love the games, stories and activities on the website.


This site has lots of games to help students develop early language and reading skills.

Why Files

Another website for the science enthusiast.  There’s a little bit of something for everyone on this website.  For instance, you can learn about black holes in space or the travel patterns of feral vs. pet cats.

Khan Academy

Aimed at older students, these are absolutely free video tutorials on a wide variety of subjects (and the list of subjects is growing every day).  There are also practice quizzes that students can do to earn points.

Grammar Practice Park

Does your 6th Grader need some extra help with grammar concepts? is full of games that the students can play to brush up on the parts of a sentence.